Safety Is Our Top Priority At WhizRider 

As fathers ourselves, safety was our top priority when developing WhizRider, the game-changer for family travel. The inspiration for WhizRider came from our own frustration with the lack of options available to active parents needing a portable, safe solution for their children when carpooling, ridesharing with Uber/Lyft, or taking other forms of public transportation. The only choices seemed to be either carry a bulky car seat around or go without, which was out of the question. WhizRider offers all the same safety features as a typical backless booster seat with the added convenience of portability, so you never have to worry about your child’s safety.


Is WhizRider Safe?

Yes! WhizRider is crash tested.
Additionally, WhizRider is the only portable car seat option of its kind to demonstrate rear-crash test compliance, check out our crash test videos below.

Optimal Seat Belt Placement:
Top of shoulders
On upper thighs
Prevents submarining

WhizRider Safety Features

WhizRider is an innovative harness-style system that keeps the vehicle safety belt in optimal position and prevents children from sliding forward, submarining (sliding under the lap belt), and heavy head excursion. WhizRider has an advanced harness-style system built into an easy-to-wear vest, making it easy to put on and take off while on-the-go.

The Innovative Safety Features Explained in 20 Seconds:

WhizRider works by positioning the shoulder seat belt down to the correct level on children to keep it in the proper places (top of shoulder and upper thighs). The leg loops keep the child back in the vehicle seat and prevent submarining in the event of an accident. In addition to the fundamental design of WhizRider, we’ve also incorporated reflective bindings on the vest, which helps keep kids visible when getting in or out of a vehicle at night. 

How it Works Explained

in 20 Seconds:

WhizRider Testing & Development

Through rigorous safety testing, WhizRider has been proven to be as safe, or even safer, than a booster seat.

WhizRider was developed together with a team of leading accident research researchers, biomechanical engineers, and homologation specialists, so we can guarantee you are using a safe product of the highest quality. Engineered in Germany, WhizRider fulfills all sustainability and ethical standards, from sourcing to production.


WhizRider is tested to the dynamic test requirements. Each batch of WhizRider safety vests created undergo random selection batch testing with dummies representing 3-year-old, 6-year-old, and 10-year-old children to ensure safety.

Pelvis moves forward

Benefit of the leg loops:

  • Movement to the front is substantially reduced and submarining impossible.

  • Lap belt can’t slip to the belly area: reduced injury risk at inner abdominal organs.

Torso moves forward

Benefit of the belt guides:

  • Belt guide keeps the shoulder belt down and keeps it in position.

  • Movement of the upper part of the body to the front significantly reduced.

Forward head excursion

  • Limited movement of the head to the front.

  • Limited injury risk of head snap and damage caused through chin impact on the child’s breast

Test settings: Sled test at 30 miles/hour; 6-year-old dummy; force of dummy into WhizRider; 1,295 lbs.; location: Calspan Cooperation in Buffalo, New York

WhizRider Crash Test Explanation

CrashTest-Collage_980x221_dpi72 (1).jpg

Below are video examples of how WhizRider’s safety features compare to a traditional backless booster seat during crash testing. 

WhizRider Crash-Test Video

From the crash test footage above, both with a dummy of a 6-year-old child at 30 MPH, you can observe how WhizRider keeps the seat belt in the correct position, protecting the body from moving too far forward or sliding under the belt. 

Backless Booster Seat Crash-Test Video

WhizRider Safety Reviews from Experts

Take a look at what some leading accident researchers, trauma biomechanics, and safety advocates have to say about WhizRider. 


Paul Albright
CPS Instructor &

Car Safety Advocate

"WhizRider keeps the seatbelt in the proper place  and the leg loops keep the child back in the vehicle seat, preventing submarining. In case of an impact, the vest along with the vehicle car seat distributes the forces across the child’s body to minimize injury."


Bettina Zahnd
Head of Accident Research,
Global Insurance Company

“WhizRider is the safe way to transport children in cars in unplanned situations, where no installed child car seat is available.”


Kai-Uwe Schmitt
Ph.D., Meng Professor,
Trauma Biomechanics

& Scientific Advisor
Swiss University

“WhizRider is an innovative safety device that is grounded in biomechanics and proven effective at protecting children passengers in cars.”

We’ve also been recognized with several prestigious awards in the safety and family categories, including by the Manufacturers Alliance Child Passenger Safety organization and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.