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Safety Is Our Top Priority At WhizRider.

As members of the Swiss Alpine Club (the largest mountaineering club in Switzerland) and parents of adventurous children, it is part of our DNA to focus on the quality, safety, and sustainability of the products our families use. We are committed to using only the strongest and most thoroughly tested components from the outdoor gear and personal protective equipment industries.


We developed and designed WhizRider with a team of leading specialists in accident research, biomechanics, personal protective equipment, and climbing harness design. We guarantee you are using a safe product of the highest quality. WhizRider is German engineered to fulfill sustainability and ethical standards from sourcing to production.


WhizRider offers innovative safety features that greatly reduce the risk of injury:


  • No Submarining: Unique leg loops keep the child sitting back properly in the seat instead of sliding under the lap belt, protecting him or her from serious injuries of the inner organs and face.

  • Optimal Seat Belt Placement: Strategically placed metal clips keep the seat belt on the child’s legs and shoulder to maintain safe placement—even when the child moves around in the seat or falls asleep.

  • Extra Visibility: The glow-in-the-dark vest keeps kids safe while hopping in and out of cars and near streets.

What Standards Does WhizRider Refer To? 

WhizRider surpasses the requirements of the U.S. Federal Regulation Standard, regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These regulations include the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 213 for Child Restraint Systems and FMVSS 302 for Flammability of Interior Materials.


Through random selection methods, every single batch we produce is tested in accordance with FMVSS 213. We repeat these tests using dummies that represent three-year-old, six-year-old, and ten-year-old children. For additional security, we conduct tests in different testing facilities across the U.S. and Europe, and WhizRider always surpasses the requirements.


We evaluate every component of WhizRider to ensure it is best-in-class and meets all safety, sustainability and ethical standards. WhizRider is certified as a carbon neutral manufacturer, and all our suppliers are bluesign®️ or OEKO-TEX®️ certified. All of the components of WhizRider are produced with non-toxic substances.  


Transparency Is Our Philosophy

The company behind WhizRider, smartridr, Inc., stands for transparency and is therefore happy to share actual crash test information. As parents too, it is important for us to back up our safety claims and provide proof that WhizRider is safe. To determine the safety of a restraint system, the most important elements of a crash test video both involve how much movement takes place:


  • How far does the dummy move forward in the seat (whether knee excursion or submarining under the lap belt).

  • How much the dummy’s head moves forward (forward excursion).


U.S. Federal standards allow the child’s knees to travel 36” forward. In crash testing, WhizRider allows the knees to move forward an average of 20”.


U.S. Federal standards allow the child’s head to travel 32” forward. In crash testing, WhizRider allows the head to move forward an average of 11”.


You can see in this video how the innovative design of the WhizRider vest reduces the risk of injury and keeps the seat belt at optimum placement.

As you watch the actual crash test footage below, you can see that WhizRider keeps the seat belt in correct position to protect the dummy’s body from moving too far forward or sliding under the belt. Watching crash test videos with child-sized dummies can be emotional. No one wants to envision this happening to their children, which is why we are working so diligently to create the safest product possible. We hope that our research and information can help you make the best choice for your family.
WhizRider was designed and tested based on the U.S. federal regulation standards. The U.S. standards are some of the highest requirements in the world and the most performance oriented.These regulations include the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 213 for Child Restraint Systems and FMVSS 302 for Flammability of Interior Materials.
WhizRider is a belt positioning device that can be used across the US with the exception of Connecticut, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Jersey and Ohio. These states require that the child has to be elevated in the vehicle car seat as a general attempt to increase adoption of child restraint systems in their states.
Outside U.S. with respect to the rest of the world there are countries that follow U.S. standards, others that have their own regulations, and yet others that do not have any regulations at all. We are working to obtain approval for other regulated countries and regions in the world. Due to liability and insurance reasons please check the local regulations before using your WhizRider. Currently we do not ship to Canada and Austria due to their import restrictions.