WhizRider Safety Features

WhizRider, the innovative harness-style restraint system

Unlike booster seats, WhizRider brings the shoulder belt down to the correct level and keeps the seatbelt in the proper place.

Top of shoulder
Over the upper tights
Safe as a booster
Complies with U.S. Safety Standard
The innovative safety features explained in 20 seconds:
How it works explained in 20 seconds:

How was WhizRider tested? 

WhizRider surpasses U.S. federal requirements regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

You can check out these two crash-tests to see how WhizRider stands up to testing and is as safe as a booster (or even safer).

WhizRider crash-test

6-year-old dummy at 30MPH

Backless booster seat crash-test

6-year-old dummy at 30MPH

WhizRider vs booster seat

As you watch the actual crash-test footage above, you can see that WhizRider keeps the seat belt in the correct position, protecting the body from moving too far forward or sliding under the belt. 

WhizRider exceeds the performance requirements of U.S. regulations and performs even better than a regular backless booster seat


"WhizRider keeps the seatbelt in the proper place  and the leg loops keep the child back in the vehicle seat, preventing submarining. In case of an impact, the vest along with the vehicle car seat distributes the forces across the child’s body to minimize injury."

Paul Albright
CPS Instructor & Car Safety Advocate

“WhizRider is the safe way to transport children in cars in unplanned situations, where no installed child car seat is available.”

Bettina Zahnd

Head of Accident Research,

Global Insurance Company

“WhizRider is an innovative safety device that is grounded in biomechanics and proven effective at protecting children passengers in cars.”

Kai-Uwe Schmitt

Ph.D., Meng Professor,

Trauma Biomechanics & Scientific Advisor

Swiss University