"As a mother and Captain, I know how important it is, to secure your child while driving in the car. With WhizRider there’s a safe solution for all the situations you don’t have a car seat at hand. After using WhizRider once, I never leave home without it.”

Angel Gilarski

Captain, East Chicago Fire Department.


Brandon S.

Great option to travel light or toss on when traveling with family or friends instead of trying to swap car seats and more secure than booster seat. We love them and you will too!

Laura J.

We mostly bought them for traveling and they hardly take up room in our bag and we don't have to worry about car seats being damaged or having to lug them around from one place or the other. It is so nice when we have to take an Uber/Lift as well because they can just hop in and get buckled.


We are city-dwellers who don't own a car, primarily taking public transit or getting around on foot.  These are the perfect solution to ride-sharing or one-way carpooling situations, or being picked up from a subway station--we don't have to bring or stow bulky carseats or boosters! 


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Innovation Nation - Season 7
Family Choice Award 2020
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WhizRider is an award winning product. We have won the plusX Award for ease of use and functionality

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WhizRider is an award winning product. We have won a silver medal in the European Design Award competition

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