Why the Best Travel Car Seat Option Isn't a Seat!

Updated: Jun 2


When parents begin their search for the “best car seat, many factors must be taken into consideration. From the price point to safety measures, and the many lifestyle influences in between, it takes a lot of care and consideration. When doing research, though, we often hear that parents are surprised to learn that there are more options available than the traditional car or booster seat. Learn why the best travel car seat option isn’t a seat at all!

Safety First

Coming in at the top of our list of priorities is any child’s safety. While standard car seats operate by having children sitting atop the seat, here at WhizRider, we found that our harness-style system not only brings the shoulder belt down to the correct level, but also keeps the seatbelt in the proper placement during any car ride. By connecting the seat belt directly to the WhizRider vest, the seatbelt will move with your child, even if they fall asleep or begin to squirm in their seat!

The harness’ leg loops also prevent any sliding forward motion, which is a common issue parents run into with traditional booster seats. The car seat solution, engineered by safety specialists, is tested to the dynamic test requirements defined in FMVSS 213 are guarantees safe travels for your child no matter the mode of transportation.


On the Go

Aside from safety precautions, a car seat should be a solution to your family’s lifestyle needs. Whether that means your child is part of a carpool group, frequently travels by rideshare such as Uber or Lyft, or is on the go for road trips or family vacations, WhizRider is suited for your travel needs.

WhizRider is less than one pound and when folded up is the size of a medium cup of coffee. What that means is when different members of your family are picking up your child anywhere, there is no need to lug a heavy booster seat in between cars, as the child can tuck their WhizRider in their bag. Children are able to put on their safety vest in only 20 seconds or so for speedy pickups and less hassle. For extended travel, this TSA-approved booster is a dream for bulk-free travel. If your family has multiple children especially, you can save manpower and time from lugging seats through airports and rental cars with WhizRider.


What is the most important factor to you when selecting a child car seat?

Safe travels,

Andy & Dani