Why is a Harness-Style System Integrated in a Vest like WhizRider?

Updated: Jun 2

You’ve probably noticed that our WhizRider Portable Car Seat Option doesn’t look like your average car seat, or even the one you grew up using. When car seats were originally designed, they lifted a child with a booster seat, allowing them to look out the window, and adjust the seatbelt to hold them in a proper spot in the car. In fact, the very first car seat standard, set in 1971 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, required a booster seat to be held by both a safety belt and a harness.

But a lot has changed since 1971, and the way that families travel today is drastically different, requiring solutions that are lightweight and mobile-friendly. In a world where new, modern forms of transportation have never been more prevalent - Ubers, taxis, car-sharing, carpooling, and more - we were on a mission to give families the freedom to use any and all of them. So, we set out to innovate these standard but also bulky car seats to create a portable, safe solution for modern families on-the-go.

How the WhizRider Design Works

We’re proud to say that WhizRider’s harness-style system, integrated into a kid’s riding vest, is just as safe as an average backless booster seat! The harness-style system brings the shoulder belt down to the correct level on your child and anchors the seat belt of the car into optimal position on the shoulder and lap to prevent serious injury.

The heavy-duty upper clip holds the shoulder belt down, reducing the risk of injury to the neck or face. Attached to the harness are two leg loops, inspired by rock-climbing gear, which ensure your child won’t move out of the seat or slide underneath the lap belt or submarine - a common issue with booster seats. Having the harness system integrated into a vest makes it easy and fast to put on - in less than 10 seconds!

WhizRider is less than one pound and when folded up is the size of a medium cup of coffee. Available in small and large sizes, WhizRider also ensures a proper fit on your child as they grow! In addition, the reflective quality of the riding vest guarantees that you’ll be able to spot them while you travel, day or night.

Check out our Safety page for more information about WhizRider’s safety features!

How has WhizRider given you peace of mind as you transport your kids?

Safe travels,

Andy & Dani