WhizRider Safety Features

Updated: Jun 2

One of the most common questions we receive from parents is, “Is WhizRider safe?” As safety is a top priority at WhizRider, we’re proud to say that yes, our harness-style system is just as safe as an average backless booster seat! Continue reading to learn how WhizRider works to protect your child in a car, taxi, or ride share, such as Uber and Lyft.

Are Portable Car Seat Options Safe?

While WhizRider is made for families with an on-the-go lifestyle, the harness-style system in no way sacrifices the importance of safety features to keep kids safe. Engineered in Germany, the harness-style system is made of a durable high-quality material that is also used for rock climbing and parachuting. Attached to the harness are two anti-submarining leg loops, which ensure your child will not slide forward if the car makes an abrupt stop or is in a collision.

Located on the shoulder and hips of the harness are four steel safety clips that secure the vest to the correct position in order to restrain movement. Having the clips attach to the actual seatbelt ensure that if the child is squirming or falls asleep, they will be properly secured to the seat.

Available in large and small sizes, WhizRider fits properly on children no matter their size, and if they’re quickly growing! The vest is also reflective, so when children are outside of the car at nighttime, they are easily able to be spotted.

Aside from our products safety measures, WhizRider is tested to the dynamic test requirements defined in FMVSS 213, is recommended by CPS instructors, and was awarded a European Product Design Award in 2019. As you can see in the illustration below, with a six-year-old dummy during a collision at 30 mph, the WhizRider vest keeps the seat belt in the correct position on the child’s body. This ensures that the child is not flung out of their seat or slides under the belt in the even there is a car accident.

Check out our Safety page for more information about WhizRider’s safety features and demonstrational videos!

What is the most important aspect to you in keeping your child safe on the go?

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