Ubering as Family? 🚙 👪 🚗 - Review by Our-Kids

Updated: Jun 2

Hey there Andy Are you and your family frequent car-share riders? With WhizRider you are free to explore your city again - without dragging a car seat along. Take a spontaneous trip to the museum in an Uber or hop in a friend’s car and grab lunch. Imagine the adventures that will be possible for you and your children once bulky car seats aren’t standing in your way!

We are proud to say that WhizRider is the smallest compact car seat option ever designed. Act TODAY and grab your WhizRider - truly a game changer for family travel!

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For our friends at the great East Chicago Fire Department, WhizRider is the perfect solution for urban families who use ride-sharing apps and taxis, suburban carpooling and unexpected pick-ups, as well as family travel.

We hope to welcome you to our WhizRider family soon! Safe travels,

Andy & Dani PS: Great review from OUR-KIDS "WhizRider has made our lives easier. It’s been easier to get around DC" -