Tips for Back to School Carpooling with Children

Updated: Jun 2

For parents, Back to School season means back to weekday routines that may have taken a break during the summer months. From waking up early to packing lunch boxes the night before school, check out these tips to make carpooling with children easier day to day.

Stick to a Schedule

Whether your carpool group is made up of two or five children, sticking to a schedule is key! It has been proven that a sense of structure and routine teaches children how to manage themselves and can be beneficial for their overall development. We’d recommend parents create a designated carpool group chat where a schedule can be created prior to the school year easily. Once finalized, either post the schedule near the door so your child can glance at it on their way out or stow a copy in their backpack so they’ll always know who will be picking them up each day!

Clean Car Policy

Whether it’s dirty cleats from soccer practice or leftover glitter from an art project, it goes without saying that kids can be messy! With a handful of kids shuffling in and out of your car on a daily basis, it won’t be long until your car will be in need of a cleaning! Store small garbage bags in the backseats so kids can easily dispose of any trash and keep a handheld vacuum in your car. By having a portable vacuum nearby at all times, you can easily keep your car tidy in between rides to help kids feel comfortable on their way to and from school.

Stay Safe

At the beginning of the school year, we’d recommend each parent driving carpool set some ground rules for their car to ensure a safe ride each and every time. We’d suggest the importance of not distracting the driver, staying seated, and keeping their voices at an appropriate level.

Additionally, we’d recommend each child have their own WhizRider portable car seat option to ensure a safe ride each and every time. The convenient and portable car seat option means parents won’t have to lug car seats back and forth throughout the week. When folded up, the WhizRider travel vest is just the size of a cup of coffee, so it’s easy to stash in backpacks, cup holders, and car trunks. Even in smaller vehicles, WhizRider allows parents to fit three across safely and is easy to install, which is key when carpooling with large groups of kids.


Who says carpooling can’t be fun? While the driver needs to keep their attention on the road, keep kids occupied by leaving question-and-answer games in the car. Games such as Brain Quest are not only educational but can help the time fly when stuck in traffic! If the kids are full of energy though, turn up the music and host your own carpool karaoke by singing along to the kid’s favorite songs at the moment.

What is your ultimate carpool hack for this school year?

Safe travels,

Andy & Dani