• Andy & Dani

The Game-Changer for Family Travelers

Does this look familiar?

Every family traveling with small children has the same problem: you already have tons of luggage to carry and then there’s the bulky child car seat.

… but it could be so easy!

Bulk-free travel thanks to WhizRider, the smallest compact car seat option ever designed. Store WhizRider in a suitcase, handbag or backpack to keep your hands free - less lugging and no more hauling a car seat through the airport!

Act TODAY and secure your WhizRider - the game changer for family travel!

WhizRider is safe. Created by 2 dads and developed based on the latest information from the biomechanics and accident research fields, WhizRider is a harness-style system that’s small enough to fit in a handbag. It exceeds all crash test U.S Federal Safety Standards, and is a proud member of both JPMA and MACPS!

We hope to welcome you to our WhizRider family soon!

Safe travels,

Andy & Dani

PS: great review from Famadillo: "Traveling with Kids a Whiz with WhizRider"

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