Ride Share & Child Care: How to Safely Use Uber/Lyft with Kids

Updated: Jun 2

It goes without saying that ride sharing has provided a practical solution for everyday life, out-of-town traveling, and overall convenience when it comes to getting where you need to be. However, families with young children are frequently limited by how often they can take advantage of ride shares such as Uber, Lyft, or taxis due to the lack of child car seats available in these modes of transportation. Continue reading to learn how WhizRider solves common ride share issues for families.

Ride Share Car Seat Options

In 2020, ride share options such as Uber and Lyft still do not have many car seat options available for parents, while taxis are even exempt from requiring car seats in some major cities! UberFamily is offered in major cities such as New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Orlando, while Lyft only offers its Car Seat Mode in NYC, leaving many other vacation destinations and urban communities without such accessibility.

Both Uber and Lyft options also charge $10 per car seat, so for families with multiple children, the fare can add up quickly, especially when used often! Additionally, in the cities where car seats are offered, it’s important to keep in mind that there are only so many cars with child seats available. The lack of availability can cause delays in getting to your destination easily and on time.

The other option, of course, is to bring your own standard car seat in rise shares, but lugging around a bulky car seat to the grocery store, an amusement park, or anywhere else can be quite the hassle. Luckily, WhizRider’s innovative and lightweight harness-style vest has your family covered.

Ride Share Car Seat Problem Solved: Meet WhizRider

Whether traveling out of town or just a few minutes from home, WhizRider’s harness-style system provides a useful solution when it comes to ride sharing. The easy-to-use and store car seat weighs less than one pound and can be folded down to the size of a medium cup of coffee! This is especially ideal for families with multiple kids, making it easier than ever to store the vests in a bag or purse when not being used.

As mentioned, ride share options charge $10 per car seat, per use! With WhizRider, a one-time investment can save a lot of trouble, unnecessary stress, and money when it comes to something as little as getting from one point to another.

Above all, with WhizRider you can trust that your child will be safe during any ride, rather than using a provided car seat you may not be familiar with. WhizRider is tested to the dynamic test requirements defined in FMVSS 213, received the 2020 Family Choice Award, and encourages family spontaneity without being limited by the importance of keeping children safe.

What has your experience using ride shares with children been like?

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