The Innovative Safety Features of WhizRider

Since we are both seasoned travelers with our children, we have each had our share of frustrating travel experiences. Uncomfortable accommodations, tight schedules, and confusing directions in unfamiliar languages can all be more exasperating with kids in tow. However, when we both were faced with choosing between keeping our kids safe or missing out on sharing incredible experiences with them, we knew we needed another option.

We can deal with anything else travelling with kids can throw at us, but we simply cannot accept putting our kids in unsafe situations.

With determination and a lot of research, we began consulting with experts in the fields of biomechanics and personal protection equipment. Our experience mountaineering led us toward specific safety features we hadn’t found anywhere else. Our experience as parents inspired its streamlined design with excellent crash test ratings. We simply wouldn’t accept anything less for our children or yours.

Leg Loops

Traditional booster seats allow “submarining” where the child slides under the lap belt—definitely a safety hazard. Inspired by climbing harnesses, the WhizRider leg loops secure around each thigh, keep the child sitting back in the seat. No more submarining!

Seat Belt Clips

Heavy duty metal clips keep the seat belt on the child’s legs and shoulder to maintain safe placement. Even when the child moves around in the seat or falls asleep, the seat belt will stay right where it needs to be. The steel clips enable maximum safety and make submarining and head snapping impossible.

Extra-Visible Vest

Adding glow-in-the-