Award-Winning Innovation And Our June 11th Launch

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

When we developed WhizRider, we knew it had to be safe—that is the first priority—but we also wanted it to be convenient and comfortable. Working with a team of experts, we designed the world’s smallest child car restraint system while still conforming to safety standards. We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished and the benefits WhizRider offers to adventurous families. Let’s take a closer look at WhizRider.

Award-Winning Innovation

We are happy to announce that WhizRider has been awarded the Plus X Award for both functionality and ease of use. A Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle products, honoring brands for quality and innovation.This recognition means so much to us as we have been determined to create an innovative, high-quality product from the very beginning.

Designed For Safety

As parents, the goal has always been to provide a safe option for spontaneous car travel with kids. WhizRider is designed to conform to U.S. safety standards for child car restraints and pass crash tests to keep your kids secure.

The Size Of A Medium Cup Of Coffee

When WhizRider is folded up in its specially designed protective bag, it is the perfect size to keep in your handbag or glove compartment. We even designed the bags with handy clips so you can snap it right to you or your child when you know you will need it.

Your Child’s Best Buddy

WhizRider can go wherever your child goes! If you find yourself juggling too many commitments and won’t make it to soccer practice pickup in time, WhizRider can be in your child’s backpack ready to help him or her catch a ride home. When their grandparents want to take them out for a quick ice cream after school, your kids will be happy they have WhizRider in their backpacks!

Lighter Than A Pound

Amazingly, we have developed a child car restraint that conforms to U.S. safety regulations while still weighing in at less than the average bag of coffee. The innovative WhizRider design is inspired by safety gear such as climbing harnesses to provide the best security without bulk.

Easy Installation

WhizRider can be put on and secured in less than 20 seconds. Our durable buckles and metal seat belt positioning clips make it easy to be ready for your next adventure.

What’s Next For WhizRider?

Three years ago, we sat together and commiserated over the frustrations of living in cities with children. Travelling with children and their car seats was even more complicated. We envisioned a better option than unsafe compromises, expensive rentals, or skipping out on experiences altogether.

Now, we are on the edge of bringing our product to the world’s families. But we need your help.

On June 11th we are kicking off a campaign on Indiegogo to launch WhizRider, and we are so excited to see this dream come to fruition. Our page on Indiegogo will allow you to support us through access to preorders of WhizRider. These campaign contributions will help us reach our funding goals while giving you the chance at an excellent discount.

As part of our WhizRider Family, you will be the first to know when we launch. That means you will get access to the biggest discount: 45% off! Not part of the WhizRider Family? Join us by signing up here.

Thank you for standing with us through this incredible journey. We knew that there needed to be a better option for taking our children along on adventures that was both safe and convenient, and now we have it. We are so happy to have you as part of the WhizRider Family, and we are excited to see where WhizRider takes you!




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