Meet The Fathers Of WhizRider


We’re the founders of WhizRider, Andy and Dani, and we’re from Zurich, Switzerland. As two fathers traveling and living in big cities with our families, we were frustrated we couldn’t find a suitable solution to secure our children in daily taxis and Ubers. From this frustration we were inspired to start WhizRider, with the goal of enabling families to live a modern mobile lifestyle without compromising safety or lugging around clunky car seats.

We are proud to say WhizRider is the smallest compact car seat solution ever designed while still prioritizing safety. It is ultra-compact, folding down to the size of a medium coffee cup, and weighs less than one pound. It easily fits in a handbag or child’s backpack and is the portable option for families commuting in the city, carpooling with the neighbor, getting help from grandma, or mastering those unplanned moments that always pop up!

We believe families should be able to go everywhere safely, so we’ve done the legwork to make it happen. We spent over 2 years with biomechanical and accident research specialists to design, test and retest a child restraint solution that not only exceeds the U.S. Federal Safety Standards regulated by NHTSA, but that you can also carry in your pocket!

Our younger kids feel like heroes when wearing their WhizRider safety vests and won’t take them off. Our older kid likes that it enables spontaneous city strolls and trips for the whole family. Now we’re excited to share WhizRider with you and families around the world.

If your child is between 3 and 10 years old, WhizRider will work for you. If you like the freedom of unplanned adventures, using Uber, jumping in a taxi, or want a convenient and safe option for getting around with your kids, then your answer is here. Use WhizRider!

Thanks for supporting our vision to help you live spontaneously with your kids without ever compromising safety




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