Tips For Your Next Family Road Trip

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

It’s that time of year: family road trip season! Families everywhere are gathering the kids, packing up the suitcases, and hitting the road for some summer fun. WhizRider Family members love a good road trip, especially when they know their kids are safe and comfortable in the backseat.

Sometimes that means bringing WhizRider along as you fly into the city and then take a rental car to explore the sites from there. Even if you are making the trip in your family car with your installed car seats or boosters, having WhizRider in the glove compartment means you are bringing safety and convenience along for any spontaneous car rides your kids might take.

Here are some of our families’ favorite tips for a successful road trip!

1. Take Breaks—Really

Yes we are starting out with a seemingly obvious one, but it is too easy to get caught up in making good time as an adult on a long car trip. Kids don’t understand why they have to be in the car for hours on end, and they just get too fidgety. Then fidgets turn to fights and you have to threaten to turn the whole car around. Find a local park if the weather is nice or an indoor playplace if it is not (local malls usually have free play areas, and you can get a soft pretzel. That’s a win for everyone).

2. Don’t Underestimate The Value Of Surprise

When you are packing entertainment for a roadtrip with kids, try to stock up on some simple activities in secret. Novelty can do wonders for kids when they are bored, so whipping out a brand new pack of stickers or an activity book they’ve never seen will add some extra excitement when you are hours deep into your drive.

3. Create Meaningful Memories On The Journey

You may be on the way to a destination, but that is no reason to ignore the opportunities for fun along the way! Think about some songs to sing, questions to ask, and games to play together as a family. Give your kids an idea of how much longer the road trip will last by giving them state signs, mile markers, or other landmarks to keep an eye out for. Shared activities will help pass the time and bring you all closer!

4. Have A Plan, But Be Flexible

As parents we know to build in some buffer to our daily routines (a trip to the grocery is never as quick as it used to be!) and it is even more important on a trip. If you are normally someone who tries to make the best time on a road trip, get used to a more relaxed pace. You might need to take a few more pitstops than usual, or an especially colorful roadside attraction might call out to your family. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride!

5. Pack For Convenience

One perk of riding in a car instead of a plane is not paying for any extra bags you think you need—but think twice before stuffing the car full. Digging through luggage in the back of the car is no fun, and keeping track of every toy and favorite blanket can be frustrating.

When you are packing, think about what will make your life easier and help you enjoy your vacation. With WhizRider in your child’s backpack or your glove compartment, you will have the flexibility to use a rideshare service or send the kids off with a relative without uninstalling your main car seat or booster. Wouldn’t it be nice to let the kids have an adventure with Grandma for the day (since you spent all that time getting to her) or to explore a new city without worrying about a car seat?

If you are struggling to get all three car seats or booster in a row for the trip, WhizRider can make the job a lot easier!

Traveling Graces on vacation in Miami with her husband and kids.

We can’t wait to see your WhizKids on their summer adventures! Make sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram so we can see where WhizRider is taking you! Remember, we are still on Indiegogo and offering discounts on WhizRider for our backers—get WhizRider at this special price while you can!

Happy travels!



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