Making The Most of City Living With Kids

For any parents raising their kids in an urban area, the choice comes with a bit of disbelief from outsiders—you know the raised eyebrows and tilted head well. They have so many questions about your daily life. How do you entertain them? How do you keep them safe while traveling around the city? We’ve all met our share of disbelievers, but we know something they don’t: raising your kids in a big city can give you limitless opportunities for exciting experiences and unique adventures you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Of course, city living with kids does come with its own set of challenges too, but luckily we live in the best time to be a parent with access to convenient answers for more everyday adventures with our kids. Here are our favorite ways to make the most of city living with kids.

Curate Your Memberships

Urban living often means squeezing lots of love into a small space you call home. When kids need more area to roam, seek out local establishments that offer hands-on activities or inspiring shows. Some locations work with various venues around town and offer bundled memberships or discounts on other local activities. Your work, your children’s school, the local library, and the community center are all great places to start looking for discounts so you will never run out of options on a rainy day.

Don’t Overlook Urban Wilderness

Just because you traverse sidewalks instead of forest paths doesn’t mean you can’t keep an eye out for nature! From birds hanging out on your window ledge to the worms and snails you encounter in the median, there are many creatures to observe in the city. Additionally, lots of cities are coming around to incorporating green spaces into their cityscapes, all you have to do is find them!

Embrace The Community

Open up to the possibilities of meeting new people and widening your child’s world through meetups, playdates, and organizations. Look online for groups that fit your family, and dive into a new adventure. Whether you find a playgroup that meets at that cool playground around the corner or join a club that shares joy in trying new restaurants together, seeking out a village online can help you take full advantage of your city life and build a strong support system for all the moving parts of parenting.

Plan For Urban Transportation

If you are like many city dwellers and don’t own a car, or are a one-car family, you often depend on public transportation or rideshares. Or you simply don’t want to drive in the city, find a parking spot, and pay to park just for a morning excursion. While some rideshare companies offer car seat options, they aren’t always available when you need one, possibly leaving you stranded. Plus lugging along a car seat or booster is not a convenient option.

Being prepared with the right car seat solution can mean the difference between an exciting day of adventure in the city and a frustrating experience trying to just get safe and convenient transportation. You need something compact, flexible, and ultra lightweight you can simply have with you for when you need it. Bringing WhizRider along can give you the freedom to hop in and out of the car wherever you want all over the city.

Raising kids in a city isn’t for everyone, but it can be a wonderful experience when you plan ahead and take advantage of the opportunities in your area. Our hope is that with WhizRider in your child’s backpack, you can safely and conveniently explore more of the city together!

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Happy travels,