Better Carpools and Pick-Ups This School Year

We still have some summer days to enjoy, but the back-to-school rush is just around the corner! Your kids will be another year older, another year bigger, and another year busier. Growing up means more activities, carpools, and coordination, which can quickly complicate our lives as we scramble to arrange transportation—never forgetting that they need car seats and boosters to ride safely.

How can WhizRider help your school year go smoothly? We have some ideas!

Make Carpooling Work For You

As they say, it takes a village; one way you can call on your village to support each other is by carpooling to school, activities, and events. However, when you have young children who still require a booster or car seat to travel safely, how do you make carpooling work?

With WhizRider, your child can ride safely alongside his or her friends. Then at the destination, WhizRider is simply folded up into the storage bag and tucked away until it is time to go home.

Keep WhizRider In Your Child’s Backpack

Whether you are sending your children off to school, soccer practice, or a friend’s house, when they have WhizRider in their backpacks they have the freedom to travel when the need arises. Ice cream with friends after practice? Sure! A sleepover with a cousin after school? Definitely! When they have WhizRider with them, you get to say yes a lot more.

And Another In A Caregiver’s Glove Compartment

It happens to everyone: you have ten minutes until time to pick up the kids, but you are at least thirty minutes away or stuck at work indefinitely. You can call on a close friend, grandparent, or sitter, but they don’t have a seat in their car. WhizRider can solve this dilemma once and for all!