The Answers to More Adventures And Fewer Problems

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

One of the most exciting parts of modern parenthood is sharing our world with our children. We get to show them the wonders that surround us and give them the thrills of adventure—whether we go across town or to another continent. Spontaneous outings, time spent with friends, and leisurely explorations are some of life’s simplest joys. While wanting to show our children new places and experiences is nothing new, the technology to actually make it both safe and convenient is.

When we began bringing our children along to explore new cities, and even new countries, we experienced firsthand the frustrations of transporting children using traditional car seats or boosters. Our most convenient options weren’t safe, but our safest options weren’t convenient or even feasible at all. Together, we developed WhizRider as a solution to these problems.

Problem #1: Traditional Car Seats And Boosters Are Too Clunky To Lug Around

Whether you are traveling for vacation or simply catching a ride to a museum, figuring out a car seat solution can be a logistical conundrum. When we used taxis or ride share services our choices were to let our children ride unsecured or simply miss out. Sure we could bring along the car seat, but what would we do once we get there? You can’t fold up a car seat and stick it in your backpack—unless it’s WhizRider! Now we can bring a car seat with us for any ride.