Plan The Perfect Day of Adventure With Your Kids

Summer is in full swing; are you having fun yet? We love getting out and about with our kids this time of year, but we hate making plans around having our installed car seats and boosters with us. WhizRider to the rescue! Now we can enjoy family travel with our kids without lugging along a bulky seat or getting back to the car from wherever the fun takes us (or sacrificing safety either).

Here are some of our favorite ways to spend a day of spontaneous family fun with our kids!

Mix Up The Transportation

Bring WhizRider along with you and get creative with your travel plans! Instead of driving, take a ferry or train to a nearby city for some exploration. When you tuck WhizRider into your child’s backpack or your bag, you won’t have to worry about leaving your installed car seats behind. Now you are free to follow your kid’s lead!

WhizRider WhizKids family travel with kids

Seek Out Interactive Fun

Do you have a dinosaur expert? A science enthusiast? An art aficionado? Check out what resources your local cities offer to tap into those budding interests. Science centers, aquariums, live theaters, and museums often have opportunities to let kids get up close with shows and exhibits. Some science centers even reciprocate passes with other locations, so you can find a new favorite spot. Plan a day around something truly meaningful to your child for an unforgettable outing.

Pick A Park

Finding some green space in a new area can be tricky, but when you have the freedom to hop in a cab with WhizRider, it is worth it to explore a new park! Use a website like Find Your Park to discover national parks, memorials, and monuments.

Get Home Before The Kids Tucker Out

Everyone knows the magic rule of outings with kids: start heading home before they get too tired. For WhizRider Families, this simply means pulling WhizRider out of their bag and calling an Uber or Lyft to wherever they ended up in their travels. Like magic, you can be on your way home—not making your way back to a parking garage or train station with some tired kids in tow.

WhizRider WhizKids family travel

We created WhizRider for days just like this, filled with spontaneous adventures and lasting memories of family travel. We hope you find that WhizRider lets you say “Yes” to hopping in the car and letting your kid take the lead!

Where will WhizRider take you this summer?

Happy travels!