Portable - Lightweight - Safe tested

Best for ride-sharing, taxi, 3 in a row, car rental, family travel and for on the go

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WhizRider, the innovative harness-style restraint system

Unlike booster seats, WhizRider brings the shoulder belt down to the correct level and keeps the seatbelt in the proper place.

Recommended by CPS instructors
Top of shoulder
Over the upper tights
Safe as a booster
Complies with U.S. Safety Standard

WhizRider is the perfect car seat option for on-the-go

Part of your Bag

WhizRider goes where you go and makes it a cinch for kids to travel in a car anywhere, anytime.


Always have a safe and easy-to-use car seat with you when you taxi, ride share (Uber/Lyft) or rent a car.

Ready for Adventure

With WhizRider you are free to explore your city again without dragging a car seat along. 

Pile all the neighborhood kids in the car for school or practice. Easily fit 3 kids where 3 car seats never fit.

Bulk-Free Travel

No more hauling a car seat through the airport. Store WhizRider in a suitcase, handbag or backpack to keep hands free for other things.

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Help With Pick-Ups

Have options for unplanned moments, Keep WhizRider in the glove compartment, handbag or in your child's backpack.

Reflective Wearable

The reflective trim keeps kids visible and safe while hopping in and out of cars

How Can Something So Small Be So Safe?

WhizRider exceeds the legal U.S. requirements for child restraint devices and comes with totally new innovations to protect your kids.


WhizRider contains NO harmful substances and is Certified Carbon Neutral