WhizRider - The Game-Changer for Family Travel

Award-Winning Harness-Style System For Kids 3 And Up

WhizRider is a portable car seat alternative for travel. It uses a harness system with guides to position any vehicle’s existing seat belt to the proper placement for kids. The built-in vest makes it quick and easy for kids to put on and take off while traveling, and it folds up small enough to bring anywhere. Proven to be just as safe, if not safer, than a traditional backless booster, WhizRider is the solution to keep your kids safe while on-the-go. 

How WhizRider Works

WhizRider is an award-winning harness-style system that, rather than lifting the child up like a backless booster seat, pulls the shoulder strap of a traditional seatbelt down to the correct level for children and secures the whole seatbelt in an optimal position around the wearer - that is, around the top of his/her shoulder and over the upper thighs. WhizRider riders are also held in place with leg loops that prevent sliding forward or submarining under the lap belt. It is suited for children ages 3 to 10 and comes in small and large sizes to ensure a proper fit based on your child’s specific height and weight.

Optimal seatbelt placement
Safe as a booster
Prevents submarining
crash tested to U.S. Safety Standard
Engineered by specialists
Recommended by CPS instructors
Size of a medium cup of coffee when folded and less than 1 pound

The Idea Behind WhizRider

As parents themselves, our founders struggled to find a solution for keeping their children safe while traveling. The only options seemed to be lugging around a heavy booster seat or staying home! They knew there had to be a better way, and this inspired them to create the safest, smallest car seat option ever designed.

WhizRider Safety Features

How can something so small be so safe?

Our founders spent two years designing the unique concept for WhizRider to ensure every element followed government-issued safety guidelines. Working with specialists from a variety of fields, including accident research and biomechanics, they went on to develop the innovative design for the travel vest. From there, they performed rigorous crash testing to ensure complete safety. 

Crash tested to US Safety Standard. As a result, WhizRider is just as safe as a backless booster.

In addition to these safety features, WhizRider also comes with totally new innovations to protect kids, including anti-submarining leg straps and reflective bindings to ensure total safety when getting in and out of vehicles at night. WhizRider also contains no harmful substances and is Certified Carbon Neutral.


WhizRider Applications

From public transportation and ride-sharing, to carpooling and international travel, WhizRider was designed to provide modern families with a lightweight, compact solution to help their children travel safely wherever they go.


Traveling with Kids

Carpooling & 3 In a Row

Ride-Sharing & Public Transportation

Family vacations are made easy with WhizRider. While traditional booster seats are heavy and bulky, WhizRider is lightweight and compact, meaning that you can say goodbye to lugging a heavy car seat around the airport. Simply pack WhizRider in luggage or a carry-on bag and you’re set for any domestic or international trip. Spend less time in airport security to determine if your car seat is TSA compliant, and get back to focusing on enjoying family time together. 

WhizRider provides peace of mind for unplanned pickups from school, carpooling with friends around town, and road trips with family. The innovative vest structure folds up to the size of a medium cup of coffee and weighs less than one pound, so it’s easy to stash in a backpack or glove compartment for impromptu rides. The unique design of our harness-style vest also makes it narrow enough to easily fit three across in a backseat, where booster seats wouldn’t be an option.

If you live in a city without a vehicle or often take different forms of public transportation, finding a solution that offers a safe way for children to travel can be challenging and expensive. With WhizRider, you never have to compromise your child’s safety when riding in a taxi, rental car, Uber, Lyft, or other form of transportation, and its lightweight enough to take with you wherever you go. 


The vest also features reflective bindings, so kids can wear WhizRider and stay safe and visible while hopping in and out of cars and near streets in twilight and night. 

Integrating the harness-style system into a vest makes it easy and fast to put on.

Say Goodbye to Backless Booster Seats and Hello to the Game-Changer for Family Travel!

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